Saturday, January 1, 2011

some school Christmas gifts and tags

I wanted to share the things I made for the boys' school Christmas parties. First of all, Ryan's 4th grade class room moms had a BRILLIANT idea this year! Instead of sending in 24 goodie bags for everyone in the class, they organized a Secret Santa exchange among the kids. Ryan was SS to Sarah, and we put together a little bag with a few treats and some lip gloss, and I made this tag for the bag:

There was a $5 limit on the gift, but I figure handmade stuff doesn't count, right? ;) So I added this little bookmark for Sarah. I had been wanting to use All Booked Up for a while anyway!

Then, for both of the boys' teachers, I had Panera's gift cards, but I wanted to make a snazzy little gift card holder for them. After some searches on the PTI forum, I found Stephanie's adorable design for a gift card holder here, which she originally found on Sue Ann's blog here. There is soooo much talent on the PTI forum, I swear I never have to go anywhere else for inspiration! So anyway, here are the holders I came up with... the colors look a bit "off" in the photos.

When you untie the little ribbon, the gift card is found inside snuggly tucked into the pocket created by die-cutting the Nestabilities shape right on the score line, and then taping the back edge of the inner panels together. So easy, and the front can be decorated for any occasion! How cute are THESE!?!

Thanks for looking! I hope everyone had a wonderful, safe and Happy New Year!


Keva said...

I think the teacher's idea was perfect! Secret Santa's are always such fun. Your gift card holders look awesome,too!

Sue Ann said...

Oh these turned out really cute ....... I bet the teachers LOVED them and I am over the moon for the green peach tea there!!! Happy New Year and thanks for the "Shout Out"

Jill said...

All adorable, Debbie! I second your comments about the talent on the PTI forum--I'm so glad y'all are there for me to gain inspiration from!

Stephanie said...

Lovely on all counts!!! Your GC holder turned out beautifully! I love how you used the bow to tie it shut.

Ted said...

Wow, you're just doing a wonderful job inspiring me. :) I love these projects!