Wednesday, December 17, 2008

wherever you go

I love this gorgeous Pink Paislee Vintage Moon from Allyscraps! These pictures of Mark and the boys the day he was getting ready to leave for a long business trip were too sweet not to scrap, even if a little bit heartbreaking.

In over 5 years at your job, you had never had to travel out of town. But this first one was a doozie – two weeks on the other side of the county, in Seattle! The boys knew it was coming, but I think until this morning – the day you were to leave – it hadn’t really sunk in. It made me so sad to see them so sad, knowing that it would be half a month before they would get to hug you, wrestle with you, or have you tuck the covers under their chins at bedtime. When you left, it’s like a little piece of their hearts went with you. And, I think, a little piece of your heart stayed right here with them, and helped them get through those long 14 days.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

{the} moment

This My Mind's Eye Brilliant from Allyscraps is one of all-time favorite lines! I loved it for these favorite pictures of mine, from the day we got the training wheels off Ryan's bike!

This was it. The moment. No, I mean THE moment, that first sensation of exhilaration, that realization that you were doing it, you were riding that bike with no training wheels, nobody holding you up, nothing but your own power and balance propelling you full steam ahead. That look on your face says it all – pure joy, accomplishment, the thrill of victory. It only took a few tries after Daddy took the training wheels off and tirelessly ran alongside you a few times as you tried to get the feel of it. And then, the moment; this moment, where he sensed that it was time to let go, to let you fly or fall on your own. And fly you did. Just look at you soar now!