Wednesday, August 6, 2008

my angel in the outfield

Well, this is my last Scrapdango kit as a design team member there. While I'm excited about some new opportunities, I will definitely miss it. It has been a great experience to work with Carrie and her fabulous kits, and the August kit featuring My Little Yellow Bicycle's "Zach's Life" line may just be my favorite kit yet! It was perfect for showing off these pics of Tyler, mostly goofing off in the outfield of his t-ball game! This is my favorite 2-pager that I've done in a long time. You can also check out my sketch for this page in the Scrapdango sketch gallery!

I guess when you’re four years old, and it’s your first season of t-ball, and you’re playing right field, there are a lot of things that seem more interesting than paying attention to the game.

Like your glove. Or your hat. Or the inside of your hat. Or how many different ways you can think of to wear you hat.

And of course… dirt. Dirt is always more interesting than just about anything taking place anywhere around you!

But when it counted, you put all of those other things aside, scooped up the ball, and after a bit of contemplation, threw it in the general direction of first base. Good job, Tyler! You just might be destined for the major leagues, yet!

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