Sunday, April 8, 2012

RCIA Easter Cards

Happy Easter! In the Catholic church, each year at the Easter vigil Mass (the night before Easter), new members are welcomed into the church, following a months-long preparation course called "RCIA" (Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults). In our church, each organization is asked to provide a card for each of the new members. This year I decided to make the cards from two of the organizations that I'm part of - it was doable, since there were only two new members (and they are both people who I know, so that made it that much more meaningful!).

From the choir/music ministry, I incorporated a music theme, both in the patterned paper and in the sentiment verse I used (which is from Verve). These are 5x7 cards, so that they could be signed by all the people involved in the music ministry - about 40 choir members, children's choir members, and cantors! We had one man and one woman, so the first card is the more masculine version, and below it the feminine version.

The pink paper in this one is from Echo Park. I really like how the verse looks, stamped on the die-cut with the bit of the rose, which is part of the paper (I carefully placed my die on the paper, positioning it to include the rose at the corner). After I had finished both of these, I decided that I really like the focal point panel popped up and "matted" on the card base, as on the first card, better. So I actually re-did the pink one in the same way, just by trimming down the card front and then putting it on a new card base... but I didn't re-take the picture.

The other set I made were from our Cub Scout Pack. These are also 5x7 cards, but unfortunately, these ones did not get signed by all the scouts as I had intended. I had these with me the night of our last Pack meeting, but it was so busy that I forgot to call the kids over to sign them - and it would have been tricky, since both of the card recipients are scout parents and were there! LOL! So I just wrote "from Cub Scout Pack 40" inside them myself. :) The first one went to the male, and the second one to the female.

I varied the designs on these two a bit more than on the first ones. It was so fun to make each card unique and special, and to be thinking of my two friends, and their joyous occasion, as I made them!

Thanks for looking, and have a lovely Easter day!

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