Thursday, May 20, 2010

happily ever challenged #6

And speaking of PTI lol forum member there Ted has posted a fun challenge in his blog! You can check it out here. The gist of it is a recipe challenge, where each component of the recipe depends on your birth year. My challenge required a card that:
  • has a red base
  • included sewing
  • used beads
  • has a shape (circle, square, etc) in the main image
Now, all of these requirements were reasonable enough for me to execute... except for beads! eekACK.... seriously!?? confused OK, that's why they call it a challenge, right? So, here is what I came up with.

Luckily for me wink I just recently acquired the Round and Round anniversary stamp set! Circle... check! The sentiment is stamped from Through the Trees and heat embossed. Sewed the paper and the sentiment strip... check! Red base... check! OK, beads. I don't really "do" beads, but yet I had a big assortment set of little micro-beads in my stash. One of those things I "acquired" a loooong time ago figuring I'd try them out and I don't think I had ever used them. So I pulled out the red ones, and painstakingly hand-sewed them on as the little "berries" on the branches in the stamped image. Beads... check! I'm so proud! cool

It's always good to get outside of your comfort zone now and then, creatively speaking. Sometimes you might even find something new that you like. This time, I did NOT!
lol I did learn, however, that I don't like working with beads. And I guess that's good to know!

Thanks for the great challenge, Ted!


Sue Ann said...

Great job on the challenge!!! This is the second time today with the Green Tea paper ........ I am in such need of that paper ...... I need to start doing a paper split with people!!

Karen said...

Even though you didn't enjoy working with the beads, I think they did like your card, since they look great on the branch! It sounds like a fun, unique challenge and your card came out really nice! :>

Barbara said...

I think you did a great job on the challenge! Beautiful card--great idea to use beads for the berries. I'm keeping this in mind.

Diane Jaquay said...

Really pretty Debbie, I love the image from Round and Round with the red "berries", and the background paper goes GREAT with it!

Ted said...

Debbie, you could have fooled me that you don't like beads because those micro beads were MADE for this image! How adorable! Could not have been more perfect. Thanks so much for taking part of my challenge! :)

Sara Mac said...

Debbie, this card is wonderful. The patterned paper is some of my favorite. This image is perfect for the beads you chose. you made this challenge look effortless.

Jill said...

Debbie, good for you for taking a deep breath and using those beads! I too, have some in my stash that have never seen the light of day. You have inspired me to use them . . . soon! You can't go wrong with Green Tea Leaves PP--it's my very favorite from PTI since it dresses up every card, including this one!

Ingrid Danvers said...

You did great on Ted's challenge. Your card is really gorgeous, Debbie. Love the beads! I haven't played along with Ted's challenge because one of my requirements is trees, and I don't have any tree stamps.