Sunday, November 30, 2008

(it's about) the little things

Fancy Pants Daily Grind - oh my gosh, I thought this line looked cute online, but once I had it in my hands, I realized that the online pics really don't do it justice! Every pattern is just gorgeous.

I did a post on the Allyscraps blog about how I customized some of the embellishments for this page - you can check it out here! You can also find my sketch for this page here.

No tv. No computer. No Leapster.
Just a lake and a cool spring day at Cub Scout camp.
A chance to search for salamanders, frogs, bugs, rocks and anything else that interests you.
Apr 5 2008


Chrispea said...

That layout is sooo cute. I love the frog. I bought those letter stickers yesterday at SSS. I had a blast. And I went a different way, on the turnpike and it only took me about an hour! Do you know what that means? I can go there more often! LOL!;)

jinxi~ aka angi said...

I love how you put the words on the circle!

I sure missed you blogging.. glad you are back at it. You really inspire me and so many others!