Wednesday, July 9, 2008

through the years - and a "guest appearance"!

I don't do a lot of girlie pages, but this My Mind's Eye My Sunshine from Allyscraps was just perfect for a page of my friend Christie and I!

Now, here's what was really fun! Christie - a digital scrapper - scrapped the same picture while I was working on my page. We did our pages independently, and neither of us saw the other one's page until we were finished with our own. It's startling how similar they are - the journaling on each page echos the other, and the photo is even placed in almost the same position on the page!

My journaling:
When we originally met over seven years ago, I just knew we must have lots of things in common! One of the first things that we learned about one another was that we became first-time moms on the very same day: January 9, 2001! We were both stay-at-home moms, we both enrolled our 3-month-olds in a Gymboree class, and we both dabbled in photography. Two years later, we experienced most of our second pregnancies together and gave birth the second time less than two months apart.

Through the years it’s become apparent that we do, indeed, have a lot in common; and also a lot of areas in which we are very different. Our political views are usually pretty far apart. You are very impulsive and like to fly by the seat of your pants, while I favor having plans firmly in place over spontaneity. I am a homebody, while you always seem to be on the go, out and about. I am a traditional scrapper who wants to feel the paper and glue, while you have left your paper trimmer and tape runner behind for digital scrapping.

Still, there are always enough commonalities to draw us together and yet enough differences to keep things interesting. I look forward to many more years of cultivating this friendship, of watching our kids grow up together, of laughing and having fun and debating and disagreeing and enjoying each other thoroughly, all the while – just occasionally – driving each other a little bit nuts! Christie, I expect this friendship to stand the test of time, to truly last through the years.

Christie's page (digital credits: DSAG's CREME DE LA CREME; Katie Pertiet's AUDUBON #1):

Christie's Journaling:
Ours is an unlikely friendship, at best. We are two distinctly different people. You are quite a conservative lady who likes to keep to a scheduled routine. While I, on the other hand, am fairly liberal who likes a life of spontaneity, often shooting from the hip. But, somehow we've been able to cultivate a friendship despite these differences. I am so thankful to have found a friend who is able to embrace the value of being different. You are someone I can count on to debate issues with fervor, shake your head with bemusement, and come back for more. You are a friend. A worthy adversary. A Blessing.


Christie said...

(How fun that I get to make the first comment!!)
SO glad we made these, Debbie. Such a testament to our friendship, don't you think?


jinxi said...

Totally blessed to have such a great friendship.. they both show personal style.. yet a kinship.. sweet!

Miss Bitts - Joodie said...

Both great, and it's so fun to see two artists work the same photo/idea!