Tuesday, July 29, 2008

the best nap (is a car nap)

Another from the Scapperie's July kit! I loved this photo of Tyler who had fallen asleep in the car - it's the only time he still naps! I desaturated and lightend the background, and typed the journaling right on the photo before printing.

You might have “officially” given up naps long ago, but there is still one thing that is sure to put you to sleep: a mid-afternoon car ride that is over 20 minutes long. First the eyes glaze over. Then the thumb slowly drops from the mouth down into your lap, as your head lulls to the side. That’s it – you’re out like a light! Sleep tight, my little one.


Chrispea said...

Cute LO. I remember those days. Now they talk the entire ride! LOL!

Miss Bitts - Joodie said...

I love the softness of this. Perfect choice for a "hushed" feeling of napping.