Tuesday, January 8, 2008

right here waiting

I used some photo-editing magic to make the focal point photo b&w, except for the school bus. Another one with the January Sonborn kit from Scrapdango.com.


Such a sad sight – every Tuesday and Thursday morning, Tyler would see Ryan off on the bus. Before it was even out of sight, the choruses of “I miss Ryan” and “when will Ryan be home?” would begin. Sept. ‘07


Miss Bitts - Joodie said...

I'm going in reverse-order on these, and all I can think is, "Gee, I wonder if he's waiting to hit Ryan in the back of the head?" LOL As for the LO, again, the photos are GREAT and the contrast with the bright colors is really nice.

jinxi said...

This is such a touching layout.. I have 3 boys and they are like this too... makes my heart swim. Oh..cute layout too ;)