Saturday, June 9, 2007


This page appeared in the March 2008 issue of Scrapbook Trends magazine!
pitchker \pich-kur\ a visual representation of a person, place or thing; photograph. “Mommy, can you pwease take a pitchker of me?”

wh’are you? \whah-yu?\ an inquiry into the location of another person, usually parent or sibling. “Rwyan, wh’are you?”

pengluin \pen-glun\ a flightless bird having webbed feet and flippers. “Look at the cute little pengluin in this book.”

kank you \kangk-yoo\ an expression of gratitude for a kindness or favor. “Kank you daddy.”

ABC’s \ā-bee-sees\ a mechanical device that brings relief from the heat and humidity. “Mommy, can you pwease turn on de abc’s?”

piggyback bank \pig-ee-bak-bangk\ a small pig-shaped container with a slot on top for depositing money, especially useful during visits from Grandma. “Look, I have some money in my piggyback bank!”

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Sassy said...

Another adorable page, Debbie! These are the memories that so easily lost but you've captured them so well. I can't believe how big Ryan and Tyler are getting!