Thursday, June 14, 2007

my 2 favorite southpaws

Another one made with the June kit from The Scrapperie! I'm loving working with this kit!

Journaling: We saw signs when you were less than a year old, picking up Cheerios off your highchair tray – it looked like you were going to be a lefty!

Since Daddy and I are both right-handed, we figure you must get it from Grandpa Brown, who was more than happy to give you a left-handed coloring lesson, when he was here for a visit.

How fun for you to share that special little something with Pa-pa.

I love you both.


Amy W. said...

love your designs! :)

CreativeChaos said...

Debbie, once again all I can think to say is "Wow!!" Your work continues to amaze me, girlfriend.

I love how you add the little touches here and there that give your work a finished look.

Of course, the photos are always so adorable. I love the fact that you got a picture of your dad coloring in your son's coloring book with him. What a precious memory to have on film!!

Great work, as always. :)