Wednesday, May 27, 2009

indisputable proof

I thought the fun, summery, water-themed patterns of Fancy Pants Summer Soiree were perfect for this picture of Ryan and I, just after getting drenched in a water ride last summer at a local amusement park! My sketch for this page can be found in the Allyscraps Gallery.

Kennywood – love it. Getting soaked right down to my socks and having to walk around the amusement park that way for the rest of the evening – not so crazy about it. But when you asked to ride the Pittsburg Plunge, I couldn’t say no. You never used to be so bold when it came to riding some of the bigger rides, but in the last couple of years you’ve become much more willing to try new adventures. So I wasn’t about to say no. You loved it, and it was worth having soggy hair and being sopping wet for the next couple of hours to see how thrilled you were by the ride, and how proud you were that you rode it.

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