Monday, May 26, 2008

me vs. the machine

This page was for a challenge to scrap about "an inanimate object". I placed the first couple of journaling strips on the top right of the photo, and then carried the rest of it down to the bottom. I varied the font size and color on a few "key" words for emphasis and dramatic effect. I'm really pleased with how the page turned out! The journaling was so fun to write - and very cathartic, to talk a little bit of "smack" to the machine! LOL!

Do you think that you will defeat me? Do you think that you will win this battle?
I’m here to tell you, not this time.
I know you have won before, but this time is different. This time, I’m determined.
This time, I’m unwavering in my resolve.
This time… I spent $800 to have you right here in my house, taunting me. Confronting me. Daring me.
So if you think this will be like the other times, that I’ll eventually give up and walk away, frustrated and feeling like a miserable failure, think again.
This time, victory will be mine, not yours.
Game on.


Chrispea said...

Great LO. Love your journaling!! I need one of those machines!! And, not just to hang my clothes on either. ;)

ellen said...

oh that layout is just so cool! ha! hmmm...i have that same machine too! LOL!