Saturday, March 15, 2008

story time

I love this AC line, and how cute is that barcode stamp?? It's part of a great set I got from Allyscraps! You can also check out the challenge posted in The Sketch Spot there to see my sketch for this page, and enter the monthly sketch contest for a $10 gift certificate!
There are so many things about this scene that make me realize how blessed I am: that you are so patient, kind and loving towards your little brother; that you are so bright and such a good reader; that you are interested in books. How proud I was to find the two of you like this – Tyler completely content to be curled up with you, and you happy just to be making him happy, reading him a book. What a wonderful big brother you are, Ryan. I hope you two have many more story times, and many more shared moments like this one. 3.1.08

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jinxi said...

OMGOSH.. as my son says.. his brothers are his best friend! ehehe. Love it! :)