Saturday, February 2, 2008

day at the museum

I really wanted to use the oversized dinosaur picture in this 2-pager! Love how those fun Scenic Route arrows worked on this page, too. The orange letter stickers are available as an add-on to the kit (which includes the black stickers in the same font). You can check out Scrapdango to see my sketch for this layout!

After waiting over a year for renovations to be done in Dinosaur Hall, we finally got back to The Carnegie Museum of Natural History to see the new exhibit! Unfortunately, the T-Rex display won’t be done until spring, but there were lots of other dinosaurs to see. To add to the fun, Jacob and his mom came with us for the day. The boys were awed by the massive dinosaur skeletons, and had fun digging for bones themselves in the Bonehunters Quarry. They didn’t unearth any startling new species, but they did have a positively fabulous Day at the Museum!

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Chrispea said...

Cute LO... I have pics of my kids digging in the bone yard at the Carnegie Museum.