Thursday, May 17, 2007

My Brother's Seeker

I hope that you and Ryan always share this closeness, this connection. Sometimes the bus has barely left in the morning when you start asking “Mommy, when will Ryan be home?” with that sad and forlorn look of loneliness. It is, at the same time, heartwarming and heartbreaking. When 3:00pm rolls around, you eagerly insist on watching out the front door. As soon as the bus can be seen coming down the street, you excitedly share the news: “RYAN’S HOME! RYAN’S HOME!” Hardly able to contain yourself as big brother makes his way up the front walk and to the door, you are poised and ready to give him a big hug. True brotherly love at its finest.

Quote: More than a forever friend, you are a joy to the heart and love without end.

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